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The Pure Maintenance of Central Illinois patented dry fog system from Pure Maintenance will destroy the Coronavirus on contact. Furthermore, the EverPURE protectant will also protect your surfaces for up to 90 days from all viruses.

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The Corona Scrub
3 Step Treatment Process

1. InstaPURE – Pure Maintenance uses InstaPURE to sterilize a facility using a dryfog treatment. InstaPURE fills the volume of space to treat mold bacteria and virus throughout the building.

2. N List Wipe Down – Pure Maintenance follows this treatment with an N list product wipe down. EPA #777-66

3. EverPURE – EverPURE is then applied via dry-fog and creates a 90 day protection from microbial growth on all surfaces.

 One difficult aspect of a new virus forming is the lack of available specimen for testing. Preliminary tests have shown the virus is fairly easy to kill on a surface, when an oxidizer like Pure Maintenance uses, is applied. The Corona Virus is an “enveloped virus”. Enveloped viruses are killed on contact with InstaPURE or EverPURE and require very little dwell time. A building can typically be treated in one day and provide safety for anyone worried about getting the virus. If you would like information on getting your home, office, school, or facility treated for Coronavirus call us at 801-513-3364.

The EPA has issued the following guidelines with respect to products that can be used to kill viruses:

1. The product should be an EPA-registered, hospital/healthcare or broad-spectrum disinfectant with directions for use on hard, porous or non-porous surfaces.

2. The currently accepted product label (from an EPA registered product as described above in III.1) should have disinfectant efficacy claims against at least one of the following viral pathogen groupings: a) A product should be approved by EPA to inactivate at least one large or one small non-enveloped virus to be eligible for use against an enveloped emerging viral pathogen. b) A product should be approved by EPA to inactivate at least one small, non-enveloped virus to be eligible for use against a large, non-enveloped emerging viral pathogen. c) A product should be approved by EPA to inactivate at least two small, non-enveloped viruses to be eligible for use against a small, non-enveloped emerging viral pathogen.

Both InstaPURE and EverPURE qualify under these EPA guidelines according to their label claims. Below you can find all of the resource material referenced in guidelines.

For further research on killing enveloped virus, visit Flagship Inc

H1N1 Study

PAA Bacteria and Virus Testing

Letter From The Manufacturers of InstaPURE

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