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Mold in a home is proven to cause allergy-like symptoms, headaches, and more. Insomnia, migraines, and inability to focus have all been linked to mold exposure. 

Mold is harmful for teens and adults, but it can be deadly for infants, small children, and elderly adults. 

So you’ve discovered mold in your home, and you recognize the importance of having it removed

What images does mold removal bring to mind? 

  • Evacuation from your home
  • Waiting for the mold removal company
  • Demolition and repairs

If any of these strike fear or anxiety in your homeowner’s heart, it’s time you learned of a better way: dry fogging

Dry fogging is a mold treatment from Pure Maintenance of Central Illinois that eliminates mold throughout the home without any negative after-effects. Keep reading to learn more about the dry fogging method and why it’s gaining traction in the mold treatment field. 

What is Dry Fogging?

Dry fogging is a 2-step process that kills mold and prevents it from coming back. The fog is a fine mist that is sprayed throughout a home. Once in the air, the tiny droplets of moisture find airborne mold and pathogens, attach to them, and destroy them. 

Step 1

The first solution sprayed into the air is a sterilizing vapor intended to kill mold in the air and on surfaces where it lands. 

This solution does double duty, as it is also effective against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, so if you have lingering sickness in your household, dry fogging can help! 

Step 2

The second solution is a disinfectant that discourages future mold growth for 90 days. It is also sprayed as a fine mist throughout the home. As it settles on surfaces, it evaporates quickly, sanitizing surfaces more effectively than any other treatment. 

Again, this disinfectant can aid in the prevention of viruses and other common sicknesses, so although mold growth may be more prevalent during the summer months, you may want to consider dry fogging during the winter, when sickness is more common. 

The dry fogging process is simple and effective. These steps address the root problem without adverse effects for your home and family. And, the process is noninvasive, which means that your daily life won’t be disrupted by dry fogging treatment. 

That’s a huge relief for most homeowners. 

Why dry fogging is better than traditional mold removal

As we just alluded to, dry fogging is a superior mold treatment, preferred over traditional mold removal by many customers. 

Let’s look at a few of those reasons… 

Why Choose Dry Fogging?

Dry fogging works fast. In just a few hours, your entire home can be treated and fully dry so you can get back to everyday life. When the mist settles, it evaporates evenly, so there is no heavy residue on household surfaces. 

You may want to wipe down counters for your own peace of mind, but the chemicals used in dry fogging are safe for people and pets, so there’s really no need. And because the fog is so fine, it won’t leave a thick layer on household surfaces anyway. 

In most cases, dry fogging is done with a fogger or “bomb,” so there is no human error involved. A mold company sets the fogger and lets it do all the hard work. 

More Effective

Fog can reach areas that traditional mold removal cannot. The mist is so fine that it can get into small areas that someone with a sprayer might miss. 

Also, it gives uniform coverage throughout the area that is being fogged. Spraying for mold is effective as long as it is done right, but many times, some areas are sprayed heavily while others are missed altogether. 

This haphazard method can lead to re-infestations and further household sickness. 

Less Invasive

If the mold growth is fairly contained, fogging the area will kill mold without the need for further treatment. 

This can bring a sigh of relief from homeowners who thought they were about to put their lives on hold to have mold removal done. 

Fogging doesn’t damage any surfaces, and it won’t require any renovations as long as the treatment is done early enough. 


Of course we’ve already mentioned that the treatment itself is faster than traditional mold removal. But in this case, we’re talking about faster service. 

Because the treatment is so easy on the mold removal company’s part, you’re more likely to get dry fogging done before they can send someone out to spray your entire home. 

Less Expensive

Again, if the mold growth isn’t too extreme, dry fogging is a much less expensive option than traditional tear-out methods. 

This is why prevention and early detection is stressed by mold removal companies. If you are having your home tested for mold frequently, you should be able to catch a problem early, so dry fogging is a great option to stop mold in its tracks. 

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